About Us

The Hen and The Hog is the creation of Halifax native Glenn Patterson Wilson. Patterson, as she is known in her hometown, moved back to help revitalize Halifax after a 30-year career designing hotels around the world. She wanted to help save the town's historic buildings and bring attention to the town's important history regarding the birth or our nation. Patterson, who had lived in England for several years, felt the needed a community gathering place much like the pubs in every community in England. She worked to come up with a name that reflected a friendly pub like atmosphere, that also represented our area. This was the beginning of our farm to table restaurant known as The Hen & The Hog. We hope you love it, and we hope you love Halifax, the birthplace of American Independence! While in town you should visit our State Historic Site. It is just down the street. Also visit Bass House, a rescued 1913 farm house that sells all types of vintage items from several dealers. Many of the decorative accessories in The Hen & The Hog are from there. Patterson's next project is working on the large two-story building across the street. It will be an arts center offering a wide variety of art and creative classes for people in our area. So, plan to stop by Halifax again in the future to see our continued progress! Since opening the restaurant, every vacant building on Main Street has been purchased and restorations are underway! We are looking forward to more wonderful things including apartments, more retail and an Airbnb!